12th July 2024

XP Launches The Deus II WS6 MASTER with 11″ & 9″ FMF Coil

XP Deus II WS6 Master

XP launched the ground-breaking Deus II back at the end of October 2021. It was a first for XP. Up until that point, they had not entered the simultaneous multi-frequency arena. But when they did it was with a machine that outperformed everything on the market. Of course, that level of performance does not come cheap. XP always builds for quality, not down to a price. And so, the DEUS II at around £1400 here in the UK remained out of many people’s reach.

Enter the Deus II WS6 Master! This takes everything that was Deus II and condenses it down to the WS6 puck. Same features, just no remote. It also drops the deep dive capability of the Deus II remote although you can purchase a waterproof bag for the WS6 puck which means you can dive up to 5 meters with it.

Other minor limitations are that the WS6 puck has no speaker on board so you will need to use it with headphones. Also at the moment, there is only one notch adjustment but we have been reliably informed that this will change with a firmware update at some point in the future.


  • FMF® Fast simultaneous Multi-Frequency.
  • Ultra-efficient circuitry.
  • Wireless through XP radio patented protocol (not Bluetooth).
  • Lightest and most ergonomic detector from just 750g.
  • Designed for land, beach, and underwater, both fresh and saltwater.
  • Wireless headphones have three options.
  • Weatherproof Control Box (puck) Not submersible.
  • Waterproof coil.
  • Coil Size. 9″ or 11″.
  • Target ID numbers are clearly shown.
  • Upgraded audio interface: Choice of audible tones, four amplified audio outputs, multi-band equalizer adjustable on each output: Loudspeaker, wireless and wired headphones.
  • A product designed to last: Five-year warranty parts and labor, USB updatable via the internet.
  • Audio headphones developed and manufactured by XP in France, designed specifically to meet detecting requirements: no audio latency, automatic On/Off.
  • Wireless headphones WS6 with a removable module (Puck) can become the Master in place of the remote control (RC).
  • WS6 MASTER (+WSA II or WSA II-XL): The WS6 has a graphic screen and virtually all the controls available on RC.
  • S telescopic ergonomic stem that can be collapsed or extended in an instant as there are no wires.
  • Built to last – 5 years warranty.
  • Included: Stem, Coil, Coil Cover, Headphones, Batteries, Charger Lead, USB Charger Lead



Pricing & Availability:

The Deus II WS6 Master is available now from Regtons here in the UK.

The price for the 9″ coil model is just £799.00

The 11″ version is the same price, £799.00


The feature set and performance of the Deus II are something many of us had looked forward to. But the price had put it out of reach. Now that the Deus II WS6 Master has arrived on the scene and at a price of just £799.00 it seems a bit of a no-brainer. Right now I cannot think of any machine on the market that comes close to Deus II’s performance and at this price, it should be flying off the shelves.



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