12th July 2024
Minelab Vanquish Firmware Update 1.1

Many people had wondered about the USB connection hidden in the battery compartment of the Vanquish. It seemed an odd place to locate one if it were for customer use and the fact that it was of the surface mount variety instead of the normal consumer-type connection many people are used to did seem a bit odd. After all, there was no mention of it in the specs or the advertising. 

I asked Minelab about this and you can read more about their answer here: Minelab Vanquish Firmware Updatable Confirmed!

Vanquish Software Update 1.1

It should be noted that the most interesting part of this update is for the Vanquish 540. So if you have that particular model this will be very useful for you. 

Vanquish 340 and 440 owners just get a low battery alert and what Minelab term “improved battery handling capability”. Whatever that means. As far as I am aware the Vanquish “handles” batteries just fine. An improved battery compartment that didn’t allow the batteries to move when the machine is knocked would have been a lot more useful, if impracticable to implement. 

VANQUISH 540 Iron Volume Control.

A new Iron Volume Control in the VANQUISH 540 lets you control how much iron you want to hear. This can make working in trashy and mineralised soils much easier.

The iron volume control has 10-step adjustments let you decrease the volume of iron all the way down to a whisper while leaving desirable targets (non-ferrous) loud and clear. To engage Iron Volume Control, simply hold down the All Metal button, while simultaneously using the Volume buttons to adjust to your liking.

General Improvements for All VANQUISH Models

As mentioned the upgrade also includes improved battery handling capability for all models, as well as a new low battery alert. I am sure Minelab could have given 340 and 440 owners more, but perhaps that will come in another update further down the line. For now, though I would go with the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. 

Software updates like this are not without risk and whilst most will work just fine there are bound to be a few that don’t. Why risk a bricked Vanquish if you don’t need to? If you have a 540 then the improved iron volume control is definitely worth having. The “tweaks” for the 340/440 probably not so much. 

More Info And Download Instructions.

The full download and install instructions are over on the Minelab site

Pay particular attention to the part about what type of USB cable you need to use. This could be a potential area for confusion and problems. 

For the sake of clarity this is what Minelab are saying: 

Many Micro-USB cables that are supplied with electronics (including those supplied with the battery charger and headphones in the VANQUISH 540 Pro Pack) are “power only”. To update your VANQUISH, you will need to ensure your Micro-USB cable supports data as well. 

Also, don’t rush this. Be very careful when connecting your USB cable to the Vanquish. The connection is recessed inside the machine and not particularly easy to get at. Make sure the connection is secure and that your machine is stable and there is no chance it could fall when transferring data. Any interruption in the connection could lead to big problems with your machine.



It is a good day for Vanquish owners…well, 540 owners at least. Minelab have come good on their promise of software updates for this machine. Now, all we need is a “low iron bias” feature for the 340/440 and perhaps a few more little tweaks here and there. 

If you are a Vanquish owner and you apply this software update, we would love to hear from you. Head over to the Vanquish User Group and let us know what you think?

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