12th July 2024

There has been a lot of news about new metal detectors recently. First out of the gate was Nokta Makro with their Simplex Plus. Due for delivery to customers over the next week or so. With its high spec and low price the Simplex Plus has shaken up the whole entry-level detector market.

Next, we have the new Minelab Vanquish which sports the Multi-IQ scanning system whereby multiple frequencies are used simultaneously. Bound to be a big seller.

Following that and soon to be announced there are new machines from Quest. No details on these just yet but we should have more info in the next day or so.

The really interesting news comes from British detector manufacturer C.Scope.

It has been a very long time since we have seen anything radically new from the UK’s best-known detector brand but things are looking decidedly good.

It appears to have a control box with a screen and keypad which looks like it might be removable from the handle. I would guess it is also at least weatherproof and possibly completely waterproof because the buttons look to be of the sealed variety.

Built-in rechargeable battery? I can’t really see anyone bringing a new machine to market these days which would require normal AAs or PP9s.

Is that a carbon fibre telescopic stem? Certainly looks like one and would help to keep the weight down.

The video shows the EVO 6000 being used on the beach and more tellingly on the wet sand! Also, the search coil is shown in the water so I am guessing this machine has been designed to cope with the different mineralisation levels on British beaches.

We have no idea what the price might be or when more details will be released but if it is more than £400 I would be very surprised.

More news coming soon!

Is This The End For The C.Scope EVO 6000?

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