12th July 2024

Quest Scuba Tector Pro – A Game Changer For Underwater Detecting?

Quest Scuba Tector Pro

Quest have just announced details of their new Scuba Tector Pro. This follows on from their highly successful and current Scuba Tector which of course pretty much revolutionised the underwater metal detecting market.

The new Scuba Tector Pro ups improves on the existing model in many ways, not least of which it has interchangeable coils, a wider search head and telescopic shaft which enables easier use out of the water. Quest Scuba Tector Pro Specifications

The compact design of the Scuba Tector Pro means it can be easily transported which makes it ideal for those long summer holidays abroad.

The Scuba Tector Pro uses Pulse Induction which of course means you detect everything but it does have it’s advantages especially in salt water environments where it will not be affected by mineralization and is pretty much immune to hot rocks.

With built in flashlight, unique foldable design, rechargeable Li-Po battery and type C recharge port the Quest Scuba Tector Pro raises the bar once again for underwater detectors.

Availability is not expected until Spring 2020 and a price is yet to be announced.

For more info and discussion visit the two Quest Facebook Groups: Quest Official Facebook Group and Quest Metal Detector UK Group.

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