12th July 2024
Quest Q60 UK Price

The UK price for the Quest Q60 metal detector has been announced. 

As mentioned in our previous article the EU price is €599. However, the UK price will be £699 (€768.00). 

This means UK buyers will be paying approx £150 more for a Quest Q60 than their European counterparts. Why that is we don’t know. UK buyers can of course simply order online from an EU dealer and save themselves quite a lot of money. 

Quest Q60 Spec

  • WORKING METHOD*: VLF 5kHz, 14kHz, 21kHz Frequencies Selectable
  • AUDIO OUTPUT* : 15Level Speaker / Vibration / Wire, WireFree Headphones
  • SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY: Built-in Bluetooth Module
  • TELESCOPIC ROD: Fast Release Cam-lock 2 Sections Straight Rods Extendable
  • DESIGN: Sleek, Compact Structure with Low-Poly Diamond Sculpturing Design
  • PROTECTION: Entire Unit IP68 5Meters Waterproof. Mud-guard Control Box
  • HANDLE: Position Adjustable, Grenade Textured Surface
  • ARMREST: Flexible Armrest Cup with Kickstand and Pinpointer Attach Design
  • BATTERY: Built-in 4000mAh Li-Po Battery for 10~18Hrs Operating
  • RECHARGE PORT: Durable and Corrosion-Resist Magnetic USB System
  • DETECTION COIL: 13”X9” BEASTX Waterproof Super Sport Coil
  • LED DISPLAY: 2 Levels LED Back Lights For Low Light Condition
  • METAL ID: 99 Metal I.D. Level for Target Identification
  • PROGRAMS * : Park / Field / Beach / Gold / Cache 5 Detecting Programs
  • GROUND BALANCE: Automatic(pump) or manually (selecting)
  • TARGET ID*: 50 Segments Resolution Easy to Select and Mask
  • SETUPS*: Target ID Selection, Threshold, Tones, Tone Space, FeSen, Frequency
  • SALTWATER PERFORMANCE: For Mineralized Ground or in Saltwater
  • GAUGE: Depth Reader, Metal ID Indication, Battery Status.etc.
  • WEIGHT: Lower to 2LB 8OZ/1.15KG (w/ BladeS Coil)
  • OPERATION TEMP RANGE: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
  • NON-OPERATION TEMP: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)

Why Should You Buy A Quest Q60?

It is becoming quite a crowded market these days, with new machines from Garrett, C.Scope, Minelab, MARS MD and Nokta Makro to name just a few. So what sets the Q60 apart from the others and what makes it a better buy than the Quest Q30+?

Quest makes very different machines to any other brand out there. They pioneered the “mobile” style control box design and have continued to refine it over the years. The build quality and ergonomics of their machines have always been good. So when considering a Quest metal detector there is more than just a spec sheet to take into consideration.    

The main selling points of the Q60 over the Q30+ is the selectable frequency capability. You have 5, 14 and 21 kHz to choose from with the Q60 whereas the Q30+ is fixed at 14 kHz. The Q60 also comes fitted with the Quest Beast 9×13″ coil as standard which is quite an upgrade over the RaptorX coil on the Q30+. And you get the Quest Wireless Pro headphones included in the deal and having used those myself I can attest to how good they are.


The EU price of €599 (£549) gets you a lot of machine for your money. There is also far less competition at that price point with perhaps the Garrett Ace Apex, MARS GAUSS and Minelab Vanquish Pro Pack that would be worth considering.

I know from my own experience of using many different models of Quest machine that there is something almost intangible about them which keeps me coming back time after time. I do use other machines of course but I still have my Quest Q40 from 2017 and would never part with it. Other machines have come and gone but the Q40 has stood the test of time and you can’t ask for more than that.

I have also used the Quest Q30 quite extensively and that is a really nice machine. 

If you can buy a Q60 for €599 (£549) I would say do it! However, at the UK price of £699 (€768), there is stronger competition from the likes of the Minelab Equinox 600 so you may want to check that out first. Certainly, Minelab’s Multi-IQ technology is hard to beat, especially on the beach although I think the Q60 could give it a run for its money there too. It may just come down to personal preference. I know which one I would buy!

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