12th July 2024

QUEST Q35 – Are Machines With Multiple Single Frequencies Making A Comeback?

Quest Q35 Metal Detector

Much of the focus in metal detector tech over the past few years has centred around simultaneous multi-frequency machines (SMF). They were touted as the answer to everything. No need to have multiple detectors running at different frequencies. No need to change coils. One machine could do it all. As with all these things. The truth is a little more nuanced.


Whilst SMF was no doubt a step forward, there are times when the single-frequency machine is still king of the hill. And better still if you can manually switch to another frequency on the same machine and with the same coil. 

Of course, there have been many such machines available in the past and indeed most SMF machines also allow you to switch into selectable single-frequency modes. But you are paying a premium to have both technologies in one machine. What we really needed was a machine that had all the features of the expensive SMF units, minus the expense of SMF. 

Minelab was first out of the gate with their X-TERRA PRO. A machine that to all intents and purposes was an Equinox minus the SMF but keeping selectable single frequencies. It is fully waterproof, rechargeable and has a wide selection of coils available. Yet it costs just £299 here in the UK. True, if you want wireless headphones it does throw a spanner in the works. It is only compatible with Minelab’s own ML85 and these are still unavailable to purchase. But this is still a lot of machine for very little money. And in terms of performance, it punches well above its price point.


Quest already has a machine with selectable single frequencies, the Q60, but for reasons no one can quite figure out they decided to price it at £699. Unfortunately for Quest, the Nokta Legend which has selectable single frequencies and 3 x SMF modes is available for just £499. There is also the Garrett Ace Apex which again has selectable single frequencies plus 2 x SMF modes and is priced at £455. Minelab who really started the whole SMF ball rolling had the Multi-IQ Equinox 600 for £679 (now replaced by the Equinox 700). 

So what do you do when you have a machine that, on features at least competes with the Minelab X-TERRA PRO but is priced way too high to be considered a real contender? You rebadge your expensive Q60 machine and drop the price. And that is what we have in the new Quest Q35. To all intents and purposes, this is the Q60, renamed and hopefully brought down to a far more reasonable price. Which is £329 in the UK.


  • Selectable Frequencies: 5 kHz, 13 kHz, and 21 kHz.
  • Modes: Park, Field, Beach, Gold.
  • Red backlight.
  • Adjustable tones.
  • Adjustable tone break.
  • Notch discrimination.
  • Iron bias (Quest call it FE)
  • Pinpoint mode.
  • Waterproof to 5 meters.
  • Comes fitted with Raptor 11 coil.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless audio. Quest headphones are required but come with the machine.
  • Telescopic shaft. Same as Q30+ and Q60.

Everything else about the Q35 seems to be the same as the outgoing Q30+ that it replaces. Check out our review of the Q30 for more details.


There is no doubt that we are seeing a resurgence of interest in machines with multiple selectable single frequencies but so far, only Minelab has given us a machine with top-quality features at that incredibly low price point of £299.00. This presents a great opportunity for Quest to make its mark with the Q35. If the company has merged all the features of the Q30+ with the selectable single frequencies of the Q60 and, kept the price down. They may just have a winner on their hands here. 


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