12th July 2024
Quest Firmware Update

Quest Metal Detectors has just released a firmware update for the Q30 & Q60. 

The main issue that has been fixed was for situations where you would receive a good steady signal but nothing would be displayed on the screen. This has now been remedied and you should see a fairly reliable visual indication of the target strength and depth on the display.

Another thing to be updated is the QuestGo app. For some time now this has had reduced functionality. Mainly in that, you could not successfully upload your finds to the app. This has also now been fixed and so the app becomes very useful once again. 

Details of the firmware update and how to apply it to your machine are below. These instructions are direct from Quest.

You can download and upgrade the detectors firmware thru your smartphones. In this upgrading, we optimized the target ID reading issue for deep targets. In the recent version the target ID may not be displayed even the audio signal is clear. You may update the firmware via QuestGo app, and we hope the new firmware will bring you much better hunting experience. We have also fixed the APP’s community pictures display issue. Below are the guidelines for the firmware updating.


1, Phone with installed QuestGo App and fully charged
To update the firmware, you need to download QuestGo app from Appstore, GooglePlay store, or our official website and install it.
If you already have the installed QuestGO App, please update the QuestGO App to the latest edition
2, Fully charged detector and smartphone.
3, Activate the Bluetooth function of your smartphone.

Quest Q30 and Q60 Update 1


1, Power on the detector
2, log in to the QuestGo App and make sure the Bluetooth function is on
3, Connect the detector with QuestGo App as follow steps
Select Setting–Gears–Metal Detector–Search–Select your detector in the searching list and connect. Your detector may show models starting with Q30-xxxx or Q60-xxxx or PW0316. Click it and connect with it.
If the detector is connected with the QuestGo App, there is a “Q” sign in the center of the detector LCD display, and the detector model is also listed under the Connecting column in QuestGo App.

Quest Q30 and Q60 Update 2


Quest Q30 and Q60 Update 3

4, Updating
4-1 Back to SETTING—-Select Gears Firmware—-Select Update
If there is new firmware available for update, a yellow updating box will show up, then select updating. If your detector firmware is up to date or not match, then the update is not available.

Quest Q30 and Q60 Update 4

4-2 When updating, there is UPGRADE Progress on the detector screen, also the QuestGO app will show the process bar.
Do not turn off the detector or disconnect the detector during the firmware updating process.
If the updating fails, please restart the detector and follow steps 1 to 4 until update the firmware successfully.

Quest Q30 and Q60 Update Screen

4-3 Once the firmware updating is completed, the QuestGo app will remind that the MCU success and the detector will restart.

Quest Q30 and Q60 Update Screen Success



QuestGo App Download and More Info.

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