12th July 2024

All machines have problems from time to time. It is almost inevitable when dealing with bulk production and sensitive electronics. There will always be a few machines that find their way to customers and that subsequently fail at some point soon after. 

There has been a number of people reporting problems with the Garrett Ace Apex recently. Now, this could well be down to glitches in production or it could be something more fundamental in the design of the machine. The misidentification of targets tells me that Garrett’s version of simultaneous multi-frequency (Multi-Flex) is definitely not on par with the Multi-IQ that Minelab developed and is present in the Vanquish and the Equinox. 

In the video below you can see Aaron Weedall of ‘South Coast Detecting’ taking the Garrett Ace Apex out on his local beach. He has done this several times before without any issues but on this occasion, the machine starts to behave erratically. It begins with the wireless headphones randomly disconnecting, then the machine starts to show numbers on the display jumping all over the place and finally, the audio starts muting over targets. 

Now Aaron is no newbie. He knows what he is doing. If he says there is a problem with the machine then there definitely is one!

Whilst you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to Aaron’s youtube channel! 

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