12th July 2024

Nokta SCORE and DOUBLE SCORE Metal Detectors, plus AccuPOINT Pinpointer

Nokta SCORE, DOUBLE SCORE and Acupoint

Nokta is a company that never rests on its laurels, and true to form, they continue to raise the bar for affordable yet powerful metal detectors.

The company has just announced two new simultaneous multi-frequency machines named “SCORE” and “DOUBLE SCORE”. Both are fully waterproof and submersible to 5 meters.

It appears they have taken the already successful Legend and transformed it into a more affordable ‘switch-on-and-go’ machine which utilises the same control box as the new Simplex ULTRA, Simplex BT and Simplex LITE.

The lower model of the two requires no ground balancing. Simply turn it on, and whether you’re in the field or on the beach, you’re ready to detect!

Details of both models are sparse at the moment, but it is believed that the upper of the two machines, the “DOUBLE SCORE”, has more adjustability, including the all-important recovery speed.

Both machines are priced under £500/$500/€500, although the exact prices have not yet been announced.

Also launched today was Nokta’s new pinpointer. It’s called the ‘AccuPOINT’ and it comes with some top-end features, not least of which is that it’s fully waterproof up to 3 meters. It also has a colour LCD screen and Bluetooth. This means it can link with Nokta’s Bluetooth headphones. It’s assumed it will also link with some other brands, but that is yet to be confirmed. The ‘Acupoint’ also has discrimination with several tones to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous targets.

Other features of the ‘AccuPOINT’ include a backlight setting and volume control, and it’s also rechargeable via USB-C.

AccuPOINT Spec

  • Colour Backlit LCD Screen
  • Single Multi-Function Button Operation
  • Twin LED Flashlight
  • 9 Levels Of Sensitivity
  • Sound & Vibration Modes
  • Discrimination, 1 Tone, Iron Off and 2 Tone.
  • Bluetooth
  • Frequency Shift
  • Volume Level Control
  • Screen Brightness Control
  • Fully Waterproof to 3 Meters
  • Measurement scale on casing (inches/cm)
  • USB-C Charging

The AccuPOINT is still in beta testing, as are the SCORE and DOUBLE SCORE.

Nokta has yet to confirm the final pricing.  Availability is expected end of 2023. More details will follow soon.



Nokta Detection Technologies

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