12th July 2024
Nokta Makro Simplex Plus Delayed

Nokta Makro have been busy over the last few days explaining why there has been yet more delays in shipment of their groundbreaking entry level detector. The Simplex Plus should have been in customers hands by now but it is increasingly looking like October will arrive before the machines do.

The cause for this delay? Apparently it is so they could add extra features to make Simplex an even better detector than it already was. To do this they have added manual ground balance, which was initially intended to be a future update and a few tweaks to sensitivity levels as well as a notch accept/reject.

All this is wonderful news for those who pre-ordered and are still awaiting shipment. However it should be remembered that some will have sold their existing machine to finance the new one. The delays mean many will have not been able to pursue the hobby for the past month or so. And with Summer now behind us, school holidays over and people returned to work, the window for long days out detecting has fast come to a close.

This was a statement issued by Dilek Gonulay Akansel, Nokta Makro’s marketing representative earlier today.

Hello all… I can understand your frustration and once again I apologize to all for:
  1. Trying to give you guys the best of the best for your money
  2. For listening to customers and trying to give them what they want
  3. For trying to make hi-end metal detecting simple and affordable for everybody
  4. For making the Simplex+ a top notch device that can now beat and/or match the performance of some of the very famous hi-end machines in the market in terms of depth and separation BUT with 2 big differences: PRICE TAG and EASE OF USE
UK shipment is the 1st one to go out later this week. We will inform the distributor once the shipment has been reserved with the freight company.
Perhaps that could have been worded better? Starting with an apology for giving you something implies that you are in some way at fault for complaining? Definitely needs a bit of PR work!


Perhaps pre-orders should not have begun before the machine was finished and ready to ship? That might have helped. Also Nokta Makro did make a feature out of the online update function which now…according to the company is not something they expect most people to be able to do?


No doubt this will be a great machine when it eventually makes its way out of the factory and the extra features will make it great value for money but they really do need to avoid any further delays.


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