12th July 2024

Nokta Makro Legend Huge Price Reductions!


Nokta Makro has slashed the price of their Legend metal detector. And by quite some margin. 

The price of the Legend up until today was:

  • Legend Standard Without Headphones – £627.95
  • Legend WHP Pack (Legend with headphones) – £724.95
  • Legend Pro Pack (2 coils and headphones) – £869.95

These have now changed to:

  • Legend Standard Without Headphones – £499.00
  • Legend WHP Pack (Legend with headphones) – £599.00
  • Legend Pro Pack (2 coils and headphones) – £689.00

Very good news all around then. Unless that is you have only recently purchased one of these machines, in which case you may be feeling a little less than happy right now.

This is also not great news for people who were currently selling their used Legend on eBay or Facebook groups.

With the new prices as they are, there is very little incentive for people to purchase a used machine when they can get a brand-new one for the same money or less. 


I am not sure Nokta Makro’s marketing message was a particularly good choice of words. Essentially telling your customers and potential customers that they are idiots for thinking a higher price equates to a better machine, when in fact Nokta Makro had been selling the Legend at a high price for quite some time is a bit of mixed messaging, to say the least. Are they now saying the Legend was not worth the price originally asked for it?

Dropping the price of the Legend so dramatically perhaps indicates that there are other things in play here. Far from doing this in “gratitude” for customers’ loyal support, could this be more about liquidity due to Turkey’s struggling economy? The inflation rate currently stands at an eye-watering 86%. Selling on much smaller margins but in larger numbers can definitely help with cash flow.

Nokta Makro is also having to deal with very strong competition from French company XP and their Deus II but more importantly their recently released Deus II WS6 Master, which is a cut-down version of the full Deus II. Priced at just £799 here in the UK and with all the features of its bigger brother in a more compact format, it would have seriously dented sales of the Legend.

Minelab has also dropped the price of its Equinox 600 and 800 series, not substantially but enough to make people think twice about going for the Legend. And of course, let’s not forget the Minelab Vanquish series. All the detecting power of Equinox in a more budget-friendly package.

If you are in the market for a Nokta Makro Legend, there perhaps has never been a better time to buy one. And keep in mind that you can use any Low Latency APTX Bluetooth headphones with this machine. So if you already have such headphones you can potentially get into the Legend for just under £500 and that is certainly a bargain!

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