12th July 2024
Nokta Makro Legend - Has It Improved?

Just a few months ago the Nokta Makro Legend arrived on the metal detecting scene amid great fanfare about how it was going to be a competitor for the Minelab Equinox and at least equal if not exceed that machine’s performance.

The reality was less than spectacular. The first version of the Legend did not exactly live up to its name. There were a few problems including being unstable on salt wet sand, iron masking good targets and the much-vaunted “Ferro check” only working down to about 6″ and even then not being very accurate. 

Since then, Nokta Makro has put out several firmware updates to address the issues. The question is, does the Legend now live up to the hype?

Addictedtobleeps addresses these issues and updates us on whether they have been fixed in the latest firmware version.


Nokta Makro



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2 thoughts on “Nokta Makro Legend – Has It Improved?

  1. The Legend is a incredible machine me and my son have own one for only a few months now and have found so many old coins s and rings it loves jewelry and the crazy thing is this was on sites that we pounding before sure we did not own the 800 but ran bounty Huns and the simplex and all the vanquish series and none of those machines could find the items can’t. Wait to used it on all of are very old farm field s with civil war items and seated silver s await only got to used it once before the farmers planted but I found 2 Indian head penny s in less then 20 minutes last time and the fields we hunt are loaded with a million tons of aluminum and every iron pit you can imagine I even pulled whole dumbbell weights out of the fields and my son also pulled a few Indian s and a beau seated quarter in one trip so yeah its bad to the bone we were smart and waited until all the bugs got worked out and I no how Nokia works they are a great company but they are smart business people they bad all of this planned for a long time with the new simplest and with the up grades on the Legend so I got a new Lego for $499 with headphones its incredible do I really need the new version not really if any thing I will probably get the sp24 man I really like that coil on the simplex a lot

  2. The Legend is an amazing machine for the money. More so now it has a carbon fibre shaft and new coil. Here in the UK prices for the new model start at $782 so it is a lot more expensive than in the USA. Still good value for money thought.

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