12th July 2024
Nokta Makro Legend Shipping Dates

It has been a few months now since the Nokta Makro Legend was announced. The machine was due to start shipping in December 2021 however based on feedback from testers it was decided that updates should be made. This meant that the shipping date was postponed to January 2022. For various reasons this then slipped to February. 

All the updates to the machine have now been completed and it is ready for shipping. According to Nokta Makro’s director of marketing, Dilek Gonulay Akansel the first batch of machines should be leaving the factory before the end of February. These first machines will go to the field testers and the “Nokta Nomads” as they are the one’s who represent the brand around the world and need the finalised product for demonstrations and to answer customer questions.

The first batch of machines for distributors will be going to the USA so there is a good chance that European buyers will not see the Legend in stores until some time in March. 

Either way, this is very good news. It won’t be long now until we can all get our hands on what promises to be a fantastic machine from Nokta Makro.

More info from: https://www.noktadetectors.com/

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