12th July 2024
Nokta Makro Simultaneous Multi Frequency Detector

It has long been the case that if you mention simultaneous multi-frequency detectors, there is one name that immediately comes to mind. Minelab. And although the company has long been associated with this technology, the real game-changer came in the form of the Equinox and its patented “Multi IQ” detection system. 

Minelab has brought their “Multi IQ” magic to the budget end of the market in the form of the very successful Vanquish range but the Equinox is still the gold standard for simultaneous multi-frequency machines. Until now? 

Turkey-based metal detector manufacturer, Nokta Makro has forged quite a reputation in the single frequency detector market, and with the release of their feature-packed Simplex+ they cemented that reputation by bringing us top-end features at a very budget-friendly price. 

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Nokta Makro has been slowly beavering away on a new machine to take on the Minelab Equinox and possibly, knock it from its pedestal at the top of the simultaneous multi-frequency world. 

At the moment there is limited information about this new machine other than its name and some of the expected features. What we do know is that the machine, which has been years in development, will be with us very soon. 

What do we know?

  • The new machine does not have a name yet. This will be announced on launch day. 
  • True Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology. Unlike the Garrett Ace Apex which uses a form of Minelab’s now patent-free FBS technology, we think that Nokta Makro will have developed their own multi-frequency detection tech or at the very least, added to FBS. The machine will also have several selectable individual frequencies to choose from.
  • Same Form Factor As The Simplex+. The ‘Lighning’ will be housed in the same control box as that used for the Simplex+. And as such will be fully waterproof and submersible. There will also be a carbon fiber lower stem. This helps keep the weight to a minimum. 
  • Replaceable battery pack. This is a clever move and one often requested by users. The Minelab Equinox does not have a removable battery. It needs to be sent back to a service center to have the battery replaced. The Nokta Makro Lightning will have the battery mounted under the arm cuff and will be replaceable by the user. You could take a spare battery along to a group dig or festival and not have to worry about charging. 
  • Brand New Coil. The coil will be different to the one used on the Simplex+ although it is not yet clear if this will be in terms of physical design, internal electronics or both. We do know that Simplex+ coils will not be compatible with the Lightning.
  • Wireless Headphones. the Nokta Makro Lightning will have wireless audio but it will not be compatible with the existing green or blue series headphones. This may indicate a move to APTX Low Latency Bluetooth as used by the Equinox and Vanquish.  
  • Unexpected Features. Dilek Gonulay, Director of Sales and Marketing at Nokta Makro stated; “It will have some features that are going to be better than the competitors out there on top of its performance and depth and how it handles at the beach with the saltwater. It also has some nice features I think the customers are going to like”. What these features are, we will have to wait and see but, Nokta Makro rarely disappoints.
  • Competitive Pricing. The Lightning will be priced higher than the Simplex+ which is of course expected, given that it is a simultaneous multi-frequency machine. Dilek says “It’s going to be a high-end machine” and is being made to compete with the current best treasure detectors out there. She also says “Spec to spec, we are going to be offering more for less price”. We are not sure if Nokta Makro is going to pitch the price against the Equinox 600 or 800, perhaps somewhere in between. The Equinox 600 currently retails for £679 and the Equinox 800 is £899. 
  • Release Date. It is expected that the new machine will be properly unveiled at Detectival over the weekend of Sept 11/12 2021. However, if the release of the Simplex+ is anything to go by, it could be some months before the Nokta Makro Lightning hits the stores.  

NOTE: See our updated article here!


It is not yet known when the new Nokta Makro Lightning will be available to buy or indeed what the price will be. 

As far as we know, the company wants the new machine to be in stores before the end of the year so perhaps October or November may be on the cards. 

Nokta Makro is always competitive on pricing and I think we can certainly expect the new machine to cost less than a Minelab Equinox 800. My guess is that it will be the same or less than the Equinox 600 so £679 or below. Time will tell!

Keep an eye on the Detectival weekend 11-12 September. 

Also, check out the Nokta Makro website as there is sure to be news there very soon.


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