12th July 2024

Nokta Makro 1st Swing – World’s Most Affordable Waterproof Metal Detector


Up to now, the metal detecting market has been all about mid to high-end machines, packing in as many features as possible and delivering performance to match. This is all rather wonderful but, not everyone has deep pockets to buy into the hobby at that level. 

With price in mind, Nokta Makro has announced the ‘1ST Swing’. A machine for the budget conscious that delivers performance with not too many compromises. 

The Spec:

  • Operating Frequency 15kHz
  • Waterproof and Fully submersible up to 1 meter (3 ft).
  • Audio Tones 3
  • Pinpoint Yes
  • Sensitivity Setting 3 Levels
  • Discrimination 2 Levels
  • LED Indicator Pinpoint & Discrimination
  • Depth Indicator 3 Levels
  • Battery Indicator Yes
  • Auto Shut-off & Alarm Yes
  • Volume Control 2 Levels
  • Search Coil 18 cm (7”)
  • Display Custom LCD
  • Weight 880g. (1.9lbs.)
  • Length 83 cm – 109 cm (32.5” – 43”)
  • Battery 2 x AA (not included)
  • Warranty 2 Years



What Is It?

The Nokta Makro ‘1st Swing’ appears to be based on the very successful ‘Midi Hoard’ but whereas that machine was mainly marketed as a child’s metal detector, the ‘1st Swing’ is aimed at an older audience who want a small, lightweight machine that has some good features at a very reasonable price. nokta-1st-swing-metal-detector-controls


You get a fully waterproof metal detector, that runs at 15 kHz and is very light and compact. With 3 x audio tones, and 2 x levels of discrimination to help you deal with most of the trash targets. However, there is something missing, a headphone socket. We assume this omission is to keep costs down but, could this be the machine’s Achilles heel? There are several cheaper machines out there that come with wired headphones.


The ‘1st Swing’ looks to be a great introduction to the wonderful world of metal detecting. It has all the essentials and it is fully waterproof. The omission of a headphone socket could be a problem for some but time will tell if that is a factor in people’s buying decisions.

Imagine for a moment that you take this machine on holiday. You want to do a little beach detecting. With only an external speaker, this machine is going to attract a lot of attention every time you hit a target. Sure you can lower the volume but with all the ambient noise you may not hear the target. There is a large visual display but metal detecting is mostly about audio. The lack of a headphone option may be sorely missed.

Price could be the decider though. At the time of writing, the Nokta Makro ‘1st Swing’ has a retail price of just $99.00 and this is a lot of machine for that sort of money. 


Nokta Makro Detectors

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4 thoughts on “Nokta Makro 1st Swing – World’s Most Affordable Waterproof Metal Detector

  1. Nokta says it is $99, but you can only buy online in the USA from Amazon. Amazon has increased it to $110. Another example how insidious Amazon is.

  2. The problem is that Nokta, like most manufacturers sets a “recommended” retail price which many stores adhere to but, there is nothing to stop some dealers charging more. It will be the Amazon seller who is setting the price.

  3. I wish the 1st Swing was more foldable so I can bring it in a backpack

  4. It’s all about demand..The price will come down when it comes down. They are selling too Fast, soo?..
    It’s a a great tool. I got my little one theirs when the first ones were available.(Had to buy Another as I kept using it) .I have used it up in the rivers of the sierras as it’s plenty hot enough for Gold, Waterproof and Easy to get into places with it..(And Yes, you can hear it perfectly fine underwater) no need for Headphones.(One may have a want, though😉)..

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