12th July 2024

Nokta Legend With Full Carbon Fibre Shaft and LG30 Coil Now Available

The New Updated Nokta Legend With LG30 Coil

It has been a bit of a wait but the updated version of the Nokta Legend is now available to order. 

The new version of The Legend comes with the 30 x 23 cm LG30 DD search coil instead of the 28 cm LG28 DD search coil. With the larger LG30 search coil, you get better coverage, improved response time and better depth performance. In addition, it is also lighter compared to the previous LG28 search coil. The new version also features a carbon centre stem and a new armrest, making the new model a total of 126g lighter than the old model.


The new updated version of the Nokta Legend Standard can be ordered now from IDC at a price of €599.00 or with the headphones (WHP) for €699.00. Also available from Kooistra Metal Detectors.

It will be available from all the usual Nokta dealers over the coming days. 


International Detector Center

Kooistra Metal Detectors

Nokta Metal Detectors

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