12th July 2024
Minelab PRO-FIND 40

Minelab has announced a new pinpointer. The PRO-FIND 40. 

What does this new pinpointer add over the previous top-of-the-range PRO-FIND 35? Not much it seems. Both are waterproof to 3 m (10-ft). Both sport audio and vibration alerts. And both have adjustable sensitivity and a “lost-alarm” feature. The new pinpointer is now a bright red colour rather than the vibrant yellow of the other models in the range.

However, the PRO-FIND 40 incorporates Ferrous Tone ID. Two different responses help you to identify ferrous junk from non-ferrous treasure. 

Is the ability to identify ferrous from non-ferrous in a pinpointer needed? Surely the purpose of a pinpointer is simply to locate a target in the hole. A target that you have already identified with your metal detector. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Or join the discussion on our Facebook group

Pricing & Availability

No price has yet been given for the PRO-FIND 40 but we are guessing it will be somewhere in the region of £149.00 here in the UK. Likewise, at the moment there is no news as to when it will be available to purchase.



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