12th July 2024

Minelab has been quite busy of late. The launch of the Manticore along with the Equinox 700 and 900 has been grabbing the headlines. But what of other machines in the range? At the entry-level, there is the GoFind, Vanquish 340, 440 and 540. The Equinox 600 sits in the mid-range, along with the new Equinox 700. The higher end begins with the new Equinox 900 and finishes with the Manticore. The CTX3030 is still a current machine but for all intents and purposes, it has been superseded by the Manticore.


Minelab very clearly stated some years ago that they would only make simultaneous multi-frequency machines going forward. So it does seem a little strange that we are now hearing rumours of a relaunched X-Terra series.

The X-Terra was a lineup of machines that supported several selectable single frequencies. But in order to change frequency you also needed to change coils. Not an ideal setup in today’s metal-detecting world. However, the rumoured X-Terra Pro also has selectable individual frequencies but without the need to change coils.

But if this is indeed a real Minelab machine, what exactly is the point? Why bring back the X-Terra name in a machine that is essentially already out of date and goes against everything Minelab has been saying over these past years? 

Certainly, there are situations where one might want to use a single frequency rather than rely solely on simultaneous multi-frequency. But this feature is already available in the Equinox range all be it at a fairly high price point.

It is difficult to see where an “X-Terra Pro” fits into the current Minelab lineup. If the price is right though it could see of the Nokta Makro Simplex, Quest Q30 & Q60 and most certainly a whole slew of Garrett machines including the AT Pro and AT Max.

We did approach Minelab for comment and their response was somewhat ambiguous. 

Their customer care rep said “I am not aware of any new detector, though I have seen images you refer to on multiple forums. There has been no Minelab announcement about any new product since EQUINOX 700/900.”

Ok, but we already know there has been no announcement of any new product since the launch of the Equinox 700/900.

If indeed there is no new X-Terra Pro would it not have been much clearer to simply state as much?

We have approached Minelab again for clarification but as of yet, they have not responded.

With that in mind let’s look at what this alleged X-TERRA PRO offers in terms of features.

The Spec:

  • Search Modes: Park, Field, Beach
  • All-Metal Shortcut: Yes
  • Custom Search Profiles: 6
  • Operating Frequencies (kHz): Park and Field: 5, 10, 15 | Beach: 8
  • Noise Cancel: Auto (19 Channels)
  • Ground Balance: Auto, Manual, Tracking
  • Sensitivity: 1 to 25
  • Target Volume: 0 to 25
  • Threshold Level: 0 to 25
  • Threshold Pitch: Fixed
  • Target Identification (TID): 119 segment notch discrimination: Ferrous: -19 to 0 I Non-ferrous: 1 to 99
  • Target Tones: l, 2, 5, All Tones (At), Depth (dP)
  • Tone Break: Ferrous (FE)
  • Tone Volume: Tone 1 adjustable: 0 to 25
  • Recovery Speed: 1 to 3
  • Depth Indicator: 5 Levels
  • Discrimination Segments: 30 segments (in increments of 4 Target ID’s)
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Wireless Audio: Yes (not Bluetooth. Requires proprietary Minelab ML85 headphones)
  • Length (approx.): Collapsed: 63 cm (25 in) Extended: 138 cm (54 in)
  • Weight (including batteries) 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
  • Display: Monochrome LCD
  • Display and Keypad Backlight (red): Off, High, Low
  • Flashlight: On, Off
  • Vibration (Master and Ferrous): On, Off
  • Supplied Coil: V12X 12″ Double-D Elliptical coil with skid plate
  • Audio Output: In-built loudspeaker, Wired 3.5 mm (1/8″) headphones, Wireless headphones
  • Battery: 3.7V/5100 mAh Internal Lithium-lon battery
  • Additional Included Accessories: Getting Started Guide, Charging Cable
  • Waterproof: 5m (16 ft) IP68
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 to +40 degrees celcius (+14 to +104 Fahrenheit )
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20 to +70 degrees celcius (-40 to +158 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Key Technologies: Pro-Switch™

As far as we can tell this machine is pretty much a Vanquish with an Equinox control panel and selectable single frequencies rather than Multi-IQ.

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[Edit: Since this article was written Minelab has confirmed that the X-TERRA PRO is being launched at the IWA in March. See here for more details: https://treasurehuntingworld.com/2023/02/10/minelab-x-terra-pro-its-official/]

The pricing for the X-TERRA PRO has now been confirmed at £299/$299/€299 without the ML85 headphones.



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