12th July 2024
Minelab Vanquish Now Available

It’s been what seems like an interminably long wait but the Minelab Vanquish is finally getting into detectorists hands. And the feedback so far is very good indeed.

As much as other manufacturers would like it not to be the case, Minelab’s ‘Multi-IQ’ detection technology sets the bar high and is, in my opinion, impossible to beat.

A quick recap of how ‘Multi-IQ’ works.

As we know some targets respond to certain frequencies better than others. Imagine for a moment you could search a beach or field using say, three detectors all operating on a different frequency, low, mid and high. Your chances of not missing anything are greatly improved because a target may have been all but invisible to one machine at a certain frequency but responds well to another machine on a different frequency.

Obviously carrying three machines is not exactly practicable right? This is where ‘Multi-IQ’ comes in. It is like having all those machines in one. The Vanquish transmits on multiple frequencies at the same time so your chances of finding targets greatly increases.

Multi-IQ is also less affected by ground mineralisation. This is because it is able to separate the target response from the ground response. You get the important information about the target and far less about the ground it is surrounded by.

This simple video from Minelab illustrates the point:

The Vanquish is available in three configurations plus a ‘Pro Pack’.

Vanquish 340 – £229.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 340 Prices Here

Vanquish 440 – £299.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 440 Prices Here

Vanquish 540 – £399.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 540 Prices Here

Vanquish 540 Pro Pack – £499.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack Prices Here

Multi-IQ was only previously available on the Equinox 600 & 800. With the Equinox 600 starting at £679.00 and the Equinox 800 at £879.00 it is easy to see the attraction of the much more budget-friendly Vanquish range.

It will take a few days for the Vanquish to start appearing here in the UK but we know they are on sale in Australia, South Africa, France and the Netherlands and will be appearing in other locations over the next week.

Check out the Vanquish range at https://crawfordsmd.com

Interested in the Vanquish? Why not head over to the Minelab Vanquish UK Users Group and share your thoughts.

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