12th July 2024
Minelab Manticore

Minelab recently announced the release of their new machine to take on the might Deus II from XP. The new machine is called ‘Manticore’ and on first look at least it appears to be a mix between an Equinox 800 and a CTX 3030.

According to Minelab, the Manticore has “up to 50% more power than traditional models”. What they mean by “traditional models” is debatable but lets assume they are not talking about their own Equinox 800.

What Minelab Are Saying:

Our most powerful detector yet, Manticore finds targets faster, more clearly, and in even the most challenging environments. With impressive capabilities and technologies, nothing will go undetected. More effective than even the most high-end models in the market, Manticore brings power, precision and accuracy to detecting in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

Minelab Manticore First Test UK



  • MULTI IQ+:  Minelab’s revolutionary technology has 50% more power than traditional models and is the highest-powered simultaneous multi-frequency machine on the market.
  • FAST RESPONSE:  Identify your targets quickly and confidently to efficiently sort between trash and treasure with exceptional target separation performance.
  • POWERFUL 2D ID MAP:  Identify your targets with greater visual and audible target insights.
  • ENHANCED DISCRIMINATION: Exceptionally accurate target ID allows you to accept or reject finds quickly and confidently.
  • WIRELESS AUDIO: Clearly detect with audio controls set specifically for you in order to identify targets confidently, reduce noise and identify trash.
  • ULTIMATE SEARCH MODES: Over 10+ preset search modes allow you to set the stage for success, with the ability to customize up to 10 unique modes tailored to your specific needs.
  • UNRIVALLED CONSTRUCTION & WATERPROOF: Powerful yet lightweight, Manticore weighs only 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs.) and includes a three-piece, compact Carbon-Fibre shaft system. Waterproof up to 16 ft (5 m).
  • INTUITIVE CONTROL: The large LCD panel allows for easy viewing and clear navigation control.
  • BOOSTED EMI IMMUNITY: In challenging environments, improved EMI rejection uses higher sensitivity to isolate targets.
  • CHOICE OF COILS: Comes with the M11 (11″ Round Double-D coil) and choose from

    M8 (8″x5.5″ Elliptical Double-D) and M15 (15″x12″ Elliptical Double-D) coils.

  • LIGHTING & VIBRATION: Detect even when the sun goes down with features such as Control Box Flashlight, Display Backlight with Auto Adjust, Backlit Keypad and Handgrip Vibration.
  • CLEAR AUDIO: Built in external speaker allows for crystal-clear audio and comes with Low Latency Wireless Headphones.
  • BUILT TO LAST: A three-year warranty with software upgrade capability allows detection far into the future.
  • WATERPROOF to 5 meters or 16 feet. 

Search Modes:

There are 10 unique search modes available on the Manticore. So if you want to just turn on and go there should be a mode to suit most people and search environments.

  • All-terrain general
  • All-terrain fast
  • All-terrain low conductors
  • All-terrain high conductors
  • All-Terrain Trash Reject
  • Beach General
  • Beach Low Conductors
  • Beach Deep
  • Beach Surf & Seawater
  • Goldfield General

Pricing & Availability:

The Minelab Manticore is not yet available to purchase although several dealers have opened pre-orders. It is thought that the machine may possibly be in stores before the end of the year but as Minelab has not given a precise indication of when the machine will be available it might be wise to hold off pre-ordering just yet.

Prices seem to vary depending on where you look. In the UK it is “rumoured” that the Minelab Manticore will retail at around the £1200 mark. And we have seen prices in the USA at $1599, which if true would make it more expensive than the XP Deus II. Also the Deus II Lite is on the way and that machine may be priced below $1000 but with most of the main functionality of the full Deus II. Minelab fans will probably go with the Manticore but for others it may be a harder sell. Time will tell.



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Crawfords Metal Detectors (UK Minelab Distributor/Dealer)

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