12th July 2024

Metal Detectors Stolen In Smash And Grab


In the early hours of 27th Jan 2020 thieves smashed the storefront window of Detecnicks Ltd who are based in Orchard Crescent, Arundel Road, Fontwell, West Sussex.

Detecnicks is a family run business run by Nick and Laura Charman who have been involved with the company from its birth 26 years ago. Their store is located in the village of  Fontwell West Sussex, just off the A27/A29 Junction close to Fontwell racecourse.

We don’t know if this was a targeted attack or opportunist but the store is located in a primarily residential area so perhaps the former?

The thieves made off with the following equipment:

All Used machines:

2 x Deus” Lites” but they left the WS5 headphones behind and dropped the remote from the WS4 set, so just the stems and a coils and a WS4 headband. One of which was on a Goldmaxx stem. 9” coil (00B64C) 11” coil (04F8E4)

F22 (0519040555)

Excalibur 1000 which has Excalibur II headphones fitted and also have MSR depth mod. (no serial number as yet)

CTX 3030 (No charging equipment, or alkaline battery pod) Had Koss UR30 headphones. (No serial number as yet).

If you have any information on these machines or the people who were responsible for the theft please contact Sussex Police or Detecnicks

Please also share this information across your social media accounts. These thieves need to be caught as soon as possible.

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