12th July 2024

Metal Detectorist Finds Gold Bronze Age Bracelet Near Dorchester

Ian Tucker

Keen metal detectorist Ian Tucker from Cornwall has uncovered a gold bronze age bracelet whilst on a dig with members of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset Detectorists. It was their first visit to the field site near Dorchester, Dorset

The bracelet has not yet been officially valued but Ian has been informed that the discovery could be worth up to £20,000. The age of the bracelet has been estimated at around 5,000 years old.

Ian said it is a once in a lifetime find: “It’s amazing. I was so shocked when I found it – and still am.

“We’re thinking it’s Bronze Age as a few other Bronze age items including an axe and other pieces of gold came up, so we’re 99% sure it’s Bronze Age.”

Inquests will now be held and both Ian and the landowner could be in line for a reward if it is declared as treasure.

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