12th July 2024

NCMD Clears The Way For Metal Detecting To Resume!


Metal Detecting and Lockdown.

It seems like an eternity since lockdown began and we all had to put our detectors in storage. There was a lot of debate about whether detecting could be considered exercise but it was generally concluded that it was not, or at least not as the government defined it so most of us abided by the rules and stayed at home.

The National Council For Metal Detecting made representations to the government for metal detecting to be considered as exercise and it would appear that their efforts have finally paid off. 

As from Wed 13th, May detecting will once again be allowed as long as people abide by the social distancing rules. 

This is the latest statement from the NCMD.

This advice is only for our members in England, the Channel Islands and anywhere else where their independent government has advised it is safe to exercise unrestricted.
Sadly the loosening of guidance on outdoor activities do not include Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. We are sorry that this does not cover everyone – we are just reflecting government policy.

Following the change to Government guidance for England announced yesterday we are able to change our advice to you. Detecting individually or with household members can again be enjoyed from Wednesday 13th May.

We are sure you are looking forward to getting out in the fields again.

Please though remember to continue to follow Government guidance. Travel should still be limited and social distancing rules must be adhered to. We also urge you to take precautions to protect yourself and others and, for example, wear gloves going through gates, etc.

Also please be respectful of your land owner’s views, and check they are happy for you to continue to detect on their land as their views may have changed over the last three months.

Sadly this pandemic is still very much a risk to us all and so the Government’s loosening of restrictions on outdoor activities does not allow for club or other group digs. Hopefully, if we all play our part, infection rates will continue to fall and it will be safe to resume this sometime in the near future.

We wish you safe and happy hunting.

Best wishes

Great news though this is it does not mean you can jump in the car and travel 200 miles for a dig. The emphasis is very much on travel within your own locality. Also remember that although you can go detecting, some landowners will be reluctant to have anyone on their land at the moment. Be respectful and understand their position. The land is not going anywhere and you will be able to detect there again in the future.

Stay safe, best of luck and do let us know of any interesting things you might find.

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