12th July 2024

Joan Allen Metal Detectors Statement

Joan Allen Statement

We understand that Joan Allen Metal Detectors has had some issues recently in regard to their online payment system. This has led to a few rumours circulating on social media. 

The company has issued the following statement:

We all know everyone loves a rumour…

To set the record straight a few of you may have seen a post floating about that Joan Allen has shut its doors. This is not true. We are still very much open and trading, still honouring warranty issues and providing the high level of customer service we pride ourselves with. 

Recently Joan Allen suffered a hit online which resulted in our online payment system being down for quite a long period of time. To prevent our customers from being vulnerable we had to shut down all online payments until the threat was neutralised. This has unfortunately had a knock on effect within our company and we’ve made the decision to make some temporary changes while we re-group.

Joan Allen has been a leader in the field since 1968 and we are not planning to step back any time soon.

Business will continue as usual, all orders are being shipped and we thank you all for your continued support.

If you have any questions please message us or drop us an email on sales@joanallen.co.uk


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2 thoughts on “Joan Allen Metal Detectors Statement

  1. Yes we have heard the same. They have had the Quest distributorship taken off them and given to Spin A Disc. And I have been told that the business is going under. It is a tough environment out there and some businesses are bound to go to the wall. It would be a shame to see such a well known name disappear from the industry. Although I would imagine someone will buy it out eventually.

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