12th July 2024

GAUSS MD – A New Challenger For Best Value Detector Of 2020?


It has certainly been a very busy year for new metal detector releases. And even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the new releases keep coming. 

Ukraine based MARS is best known for their after-market coils and they are often the preferred choice over the manufacturers’ standard coil. They have been producing high-quality coils for many years and have built a very solid reputation amongst detectorists worldwide. 

MARS have now brought all that expertise to bear on producing their own detector, the MARS GAUSS. 

What is the MARS GUASS and what makes it different?


Apart from the fact that we know the coil(s) for this new machine will be of the highest quality there are also a few other highlights worth a mention. 

  • Dual-frequency operating at 16 and 48 kHz. Switchable without the need to change coils.
  • MDLink receiver for use with supplied headphones.
  • Magnetic fast charging.
  • Tiger search coil.
  • Claimed 24hr use time on a single charge.
  • Telescopic two-part stem with a carbon fibre lower.
  • Dust Proof/Splash Proof IP64.
  • Deep Mode.
  • Weight: GaussMD + Goliath coil = 1444 grams.
    GaussMD + Tiger coil = 1338 grams.
    GaussMD + Sniper coil = 1160 grams.
  • Price Approx $550/£440.00.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Availability expected May/June 2020.


There is also a “Pro Pack” which adds an extra coil and MARS Pinpointer. Price is expected to be around $650/£521.

It is a shame that this new machine is not fully waterproof. It seems to be the way the industry is heading. Both the Simplex+ and the new Quest Q30 are IP68 certified and fully submersible. It is also thought the new Garrett Apex which is due to be released in May 2020 might be fully waterproof. It doesn’t, of course, prevent this machine from being a great detector but it is something to consider, especially if most of your detecting is on the beach or near rivers.


MARS states that the GUASS is not based on any other detector on the market and is built from scratch. That may be true in terms of the software but I definitely see influences of machines like the Nokta Impact in the design of that shaft and the Simplex+ in the overall look. 


  1. Quest Q60 (multi-frequency – selectable)
  2. Minelab Vanquish 540 (simultaneous multi-frequency)
  3. RUTUS Alter 71 (multi-frequency – Selectable)



It is great to see a company so well known for producing high-quality coils and accessories come to the market with what looks to be a very different and exciting new metal detector.

It is too early to tell how well this machine will stack up against its rivals. Although going by the videos that are online at the moment, it does seem to be a very competitive machine. Probably helped in no small part by the companies expertise in coil design.

Release date is slated for the end of May/June 2020 however the machine still needs EU certification before it can go on sale. This may take longer than expected but we have been assured the machines will arrive in the UK by the middle of June.

For more information contact http://en.marsmd.com/

Or the UK distributor https://spinadiscmetaldetectors.com/

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