12th July 2024

Forrest Fenn’s Famed Treasure Is Heading to Auction


Two years ago we reported on how the famous treasure hidden by Forrest Fenn in the wilds of Wyoming was finally discovered. 

We now know that it was a medical student named Jack Stuef who solved the clues to locate the treasure. Many had been searching for it since Forrest Fenn buried it back in 2010. In fact, 7 people perished in the search.

12 years after the search began hoard is going on sale with Heritage Auctions. There is a total of 476 individual lots featuring gold pieces, coins, jewellery, and other artefacts. These were once collectively valued at $2 million but now could fetch much more. Bids opened on 11th November and will run until 12th Dec 2022.

In September 2022, Jack Stuef sold the chest and its contents to Tosuro Sagrado Holdings, LLC in a private transaction. The treasure then made its way to Heritage Auctions. “The consignor has kept the chest, the dragon bracelet, and a handful of other items,” reads the auction house’s release, but the rest is in this sale.

Leading the auction at the moment is Fenn’s 20,000-word autobiography. Bids on the lot are now up to $13,000.

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