12th July 2024

It seems the ten-year-long search for the treasure of Forrest Fenn has finally come to an end. 

As we discussed previously in ‘The Hidden Treasure Of Forrest Fenn‘ the retired art dealer and Vietnam War veteran who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, self-published a collection of short stories from his life titled ‘The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir‘. In it, he wrote about a treasure chest that he said contains gold nuggets, rare coins, jewellery and gemstones. He also said that he had concealed this treasure somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The book contained clues to the location of the treasure within a poem that he had written.

Where Was The Treasure Located?

This is the odd bit. At the moment at least Forrest Fenn is only confirming the treasure was found and says “It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago,”

He also says “he does not know the person who found it but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot“.

The treasure chest is said to be a 12th-century bronze box containing gold and precious jewels.

Has The Treasure Really Been Found?

Official confirmation is still to be made and as of yet, we do not know the name of the individual who is said to have located the treasure. 

Back in Dec 2019 a Colorado Springs resident David Harold Hanson filed a lawsuit against Forrest Fenn claiming that he was on track to finding the treasure but that Fenn misdirected him with ‘misleading clues.’ 

We know that the summons was served issued to Forrest Fenn on 16th January 2020 but have no information as to whether proceedings are ongoing.

However in light of the treasure now having been found and one would assume by means of following the clues in the poem, it does make a claim of “misleading clues” kind of redundant?

More Information

Although no details have yet been made available other than that the treasure has been found, Forrest Fenn has said he will update everyone via his website in the coming days and weeks. One would assume that it has yet to be decided if the finder wishes to remain anonymous. 

Check Forrest Fenn’s website for the latest updates.


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