12th July 2024

Find Treasure Forums Bans Calabash Digger For Criticism Of Garrett

Banned From Find Treasure Forums

If you want to hear the truth about how a metal detector performs, in particular a Garrett metal detector, it might be wise to stay away from the Find Treasure Forum.

Find Treasure Forums Bans Calabash Digger For Criticism Of Garrett

We have posted several articles here at DQ about how the Garrett Ace Apex is not performing as well as the glossy advertising campaign would lead you to believe it is. 

Included in these articles were test videos performed by highly respected detectorist, Calabash Digger

In these videos, he very clearly demonstrates the poor performance of the Garrett Ace Apex when run over targets that other machines were hitting with no problems at all. 

He posted these videos on the Find Treasure Forums and then found himself banned for “Constant Garrett Bashing”!

The ‘Find Treasure Forums’ claims to be “The internets most popular treasure forums” and indeed they have been around for a very long time and have a huge membership. However, people need to be aware that the forum is sponsored by Garrett.

Garrett’s Sponsorship means that the forum cannot be considered independent and unbiased.

Posts will be censored or even removed if they are critical of Garrett. Is that really a forum you want to go to for advice and recommendation?

Of course, Find Treasure Forums does cover all brands of metal detectors, and where there is no sponsorship or vested interest involved you are pretty much free to praise or criticize as you wish. 

Calabash Digger is not sponsored by a brand. He does not receive free machines. He tells it as he finds it.


Forums can provide a lot of helpful information, especially to those new to the metal detecting hobby. But it is also incumbent on them, to tell the truth, and not mislead due to sponsorship concerns.

If a brand cannot exist on its own merit and stand up to scrutiny then it deserves to be called out for what it is. 

Forums and websites that take paid advertising should be very clear about their vested interests otherwise the information they provide may be worthless.

The Find Treasure Forums has helped a lot of people over the years. Just be aware that the Garrett sections might not be as useful as they should be.


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