12th July 2024
C.Scope EVO6000 Delayed

We first set our eyes on the new C.Scope EVO6000 at Detectival way back in the Summer of 2019. This was before the world had even heard of Coronavirus and Covid 19 and in most respects, everything was business as usual. The EVO6000 still had some development work to be done but we expected to see it released in the Spring of 2020. Things of course changed dramatically for everyone when the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the UK went into national lockdown for 3 months. 

Since then things have been far from “normal”. There was a brief respite in the Summer and C.Scope was able to get stuck into field testing but, the various local lockdowns and restrictions since then have hampered progress somewhat.

Today C.Scope announced that although most of the work has been done. The new tiered restrictions are again slowing progress and as a result, it looks like we won’t see the EVO6000 released to the public until Feb 2021, although given recent events it would probably be more realistic to say Spring 2021 at the earliest.

This is the announcement that Paul Wells, Sales Director of C.Scope issued today.

As we fast approach the Christmas and New Year holiday period, I wanted to give you an update regarding our new EVO6000 Metal Detector.

Many of you will have been in regular contact with us at various times this year and I am sure that you have been eager to get your hands on the EVO6000. Of course, they have not quite appeared with you despite us indicating to you that they were ‘nearly ready’ or ‘coming soon’ on a number of occasions this year.

I feel that it is only fair that I now share with you some of the background details that have led us to now reaching the Christmas break without yet releasing the EVO6000 for general supply.

In the Spring the Coronavirus pandemic hit us, here in the UK. As a result of the restrictions put in place by the UK government, we found ourselves unable to travel to different sites to undertake testing of our prototype EVO6000s and our design and development engineers were no longer able to work from within our factory and to make use of our electronics laboratories. This significantly hindered and delayed the final development and shake-down testing regime that we had planned for the EVO6000.

When the restrictions were eased field trialling was resumed and, as a result of these trials, we were able to develop and then introduce some software upgrades for the EVO6000 that we felt were of benefit. Those trials have continued and, as we have received further feedback from new sites with differing soil conditions, we have continued to further develop the EVO6000’s software. We believe that we have now almost completed this work although, in some respects the evolution of the EVO6000’s software is an ongoing project because we have deliberately designed the Detector so that you can benefit from remote software upgrades long after it has been delivered.

The Coronavirus is still with us and in these last few weeks we have found it progressively affecting our work. The South East of England, where C.Scope is based, is one of the hardest-hit areas of the UK and our number one priority is to protect all C.Scope staff and their families as much as we possibly can. Thankfully, so far the impact on staff has been restricted to self-isolation rather than Covid-19 itself but it has, nevertheless, restricted us from operating our normal measures to maintain our output. At the same time we have experienced a substantial increase in the amount and size of orders we have received for all our products. C.Scope staff have been working extra hours to try to satisfy these orders and yet still maintain the essential distancing protocols whilst working in our factory.

These factors have placed extra stress on all at C.Scope at a time when anxiety is growing because of the worsening Covid situation and so, in light of these events we have taken the decision to delay the supply of the EVO6000 until February at the earliest.

Just how matters develop in the coming few weeks regarding Covid and also Brexit, will determine exactly when we will begin supplying the EVO6000.

Please do feel free to contact myself or Martin Bass in the new year if you wish to discuss this with us. 

Kind Regards

Paul Wells

Sales Director

Contact details:-

Paul Wells  e paulwells@cscope.co.uk       t +44 (0)7939 231908

Martin Bass e martinbass@cscope.co.uk  t +44 (0)1233 629181

NOTE: Since this article was published, the C.Scope EVO6000 was released and then very quickly recalled and refunds were given to all those who had purchased the machine. At first, it was speculated that there was a fault in the software but it soon became very clear that there was something more serious amiss. No word has been heard from the company since May 2021. Full story here.
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2 thoughts on “C.Scope EVO6000 Release Delayed Until Feb 2021 At the Earliest.

  1. I cannot wait to buy one but this pandemic has hit everyone hard i will just have to wait.

  2. I think we will be waiting a bit longer than Feb. This new national lockdown is going to hold things up further. It will probably be Spring before with see the EVO6000 make an appearance.

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