12th July 2024

It is a very strange time for all of us what with restrictions on movement and the types of exercise we can do. The impact of coronavirus on all our lives has been huge and of course, that extends to metal detecting. In particular, companies that had planned to launch new machines this summer have now had to close their production facilities and put staff on furlough.

One launch I had been particularly looking forward to was for the C.Scope EVO6000.


The company, which is based in Ashford, Kent has been around for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of a C.Scope TR200 from back in 1979. It was a very simple machine but I found a lot of Victorian pennies with it and it was a lot of fun.

C.Scope is a company with a long pedigree and has been consistently producing great machines for over 40 years.

Their newest metal detector is the EVO6000. It has been undergoing extensive testing since last year and was due for launch this summer. That, of course, has had to be put on hold due to coronavirus.

Right now we don’t know much more about the EVO6000 than we did when I last wrote about here: C.Scope EVO6000 Nears Completion.

The only slight bit of news is that the EVO6000 is capable of working at multiple frequencies or two at least, 7 kHz and 17 kHz but, you need the right coil to match the frequency. Not entirely sure I like that idea.

With detectors like the Minelab Vanquish out there which of course is a simultaneous multi-frequency machine and others that can switch single frequencies using the same coil. Does forcing a customer to spend their hard-earned cash on several coils in order to make use of other frequencies really make sense?

So unlike Garrett and Quest (See our Quest Q30 Review Here) who are going ahead with the launch of their new machines, we will have to wait quite sometime before we see the C.Scope EVO6000 hitting the shelves. Perhaps it is a case of “all good things come to those who wait”?

See the C.Scope EVO 6000 Pricing and latest news here!

More info from https://www.csmetaldetectors.com/

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