12th July 2024
EVO 6000 Coming Soon

It has been some time since we heard any news about the C.Scope EVO 6000 but it looks like it is almost ready to go on sale.

The latest news from the company is that the testing and development process is nearing its conclusion and the EVO will be available to buy soon. They have been working hard on field testing of the prototypes and relaying user feedback to their design department.

Field testers have been impressed with the improved non-motion mode which includes audio discrimination and target I.D.EVO 6000 Stem

The brand new 3 part stem assembly is now completed and ready for production with a “double pip” spring clip to secure the mid stem securely.

With ‘green’ issues on everyone’s mind, they have also been busy improving the overall efficiency of both the circuitry and the search heads, now allowing up to 20 hours detecting time from a single charge. When the EVO does need re-charging the supplied charger will do the job fully in just 2 hours.

Product approvals are now in place so that legal requirement before products can go on sale is now out of the way.

When can we expect to see the EVO 6000 in stores? C.Scope has not said but I would think given that most of the hard work is out of the way we should see it appear sometime around the end of March into early April.

We also do not yet have a price for the EVO 6000 but going on previous statements from the company it is expected to be in the region of £600.00. That places it very firmly in Minelab Equinox 600 territory. Can a single frequency machine at this price compete against a simultaneous multi-frequency machine and one of the world’s most successful detectors? We can only wait and see.

See the C.Scope EVO 600 Pricing and latest news here!

For more info head over to the C.Scope website.

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