25th June 2024
Nokta vs Minelab

We reported a few days ago on how the International Detector Center (IDC) based in Germany, suddenly dropped Minelab from the brands that they distribute. The reason for this course of action was not entirely clear at the time. Although we did speculate that there was more behind it than was explained in the statement put out by IDC.

We now know the main reason behind IDC dropping Minelab.

It is alleged that Minelab gave IDC an ultimatum. If they wanted to continue to distribute Minelab products in Europe they should cease their partnership with Nokta and also Quest. 

In Nokta’s case, we assume this is to do with the current lawsuit that Minelab filed against the company in the USA for patent infringement. Something that Nokta strenuously denies.

But why the pressure to drop Quest? The company recently announced their new range of simultaneous multi-frequency machines. Initially, their SMF tech was called “SimultiQ” however it seems that there were legal concerns around the use of this name. Perhaps Minelab objected as it was too similar to their own “Multi-IQ”. As a result, Quest renamed it “HyperQ” however, this may not have been enough for Minelab. Do they also suspect patent infringement here too? 

Whatever is happening in the industry right now, is not good for manufacturers and certainly not good for customers. If indeed Minelab is using pressure tactics to try and force distributors and dealers to stock their products at the expense of other brands, this can only end badly for Minelab. No one likes a bully!


International Detector Center (IDC)

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13 thoughts on “The real reason why IDC dropped Minelab

  1. The IDC not only stopped their distribution of Minelab products, but they also ceased being a Minelab repair centre. If these latest allegations are proven to be correct, Minelab’s credibility as a company will be permanently damaged for me.

  2. I am not sure what Minelab hopes to achieve with all this. Trying to control the market in this way never works. It will backfire on them. I would think that in the EU at least this sort of behaviour is probably illegal. Assuming it is true of course. But from what I have seen so far, it is certainly starting to look that way.

  3. Although I have always been impressed with ML’s products, I’ve somehow had reservations about purchasing them. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  4. They definitely make some good products. I just received my X-TERRA PRO and it is really well made. But, I can separate the products from the company. I am rapidly going off the company!

  5. In Australia it is illegal to keep a competitor out of the Market Place and can result in humungous fines. Google search ACCC S46.

  6. Hello there! The lawsuit is in the USA so it has nothing to do with Europe. In addition, they also asked the distributor to drop the Legend or they will sue them and the distributor said they will not drop the Legend unless a judge tells them to do so. So they ended up also suing their own distributor in the USA. These are NOT allegations BUT facts that can be proven. We, as Nokta, will fight this battle for the sake of the end-users of this industry as well as for our own company who made a big impact in this industry in terms of setting a new bar and offering the best value.
    We are very proud to see that the company who claims to be the only technology leader in this industry to follow our lead with some of the features they are now incorporating into their machines and taking their prices down to compete with us – mission accomplished!
    Users should not be spending their hard-earned money on over-priced detectors…life is getting more expensive for all to begin with…. So we will fight not to be a part of it as long as we can afford to.

  7. When you have the chance to understand the market in its entirety, you realize how aggressive minelab has been for a long time!
    Their motivation is to remove Garrett from the map but also and above all to impose a quota in terms of marketing content and minimum order quantities on the entire distribution network.
    Personally, they lost me as soon as I saw the first videos where they decided to attack the Garrett brand, which is the least aggressive brand in terms of marketing and the most service-oriented.
    When the Garrett Apex came out directly they understood that the Vanquish minelab was in trouble with their simple rechargeable batteries and the imposition of the choice of frequency through modes.
    They rushed to make very aggressive videos by placing in this video a Garrett Apex.
    Currently in some countries they have the wind in their sails by the simple luck that their distributors are the most active people on social networks in France with Tiktok and also the referencing of the distributor stores on Google.
    But we notice more and more the prospectors start to understand that the most visible model is much more often the model for which the merchant has a profit margin of 50 to 60% since he is a distributor.
    If the information shared here is true, I’m looking forward to seeing a balance that will gradually return to make Minelab understand that marketing is not just about force and imposition. Respecting a brand is a long job. The same goes for loyalty….

  8. I thought that the Minelab promo video where they tried to degrade Garrett and their Apex was completely unprofessional and distasteful. The video should have focused on the Vanquish only. Let it stand on its own merits. It is a good machine. I have owned all versions of the Vanquish and still have the 540 but it is a very old and dated design and it is not suited to all situations. I have also owned the Apex which I really like. Minelab needs to understand that its toxic behaviour will eventually result in people turning away from the brand.

  9. ‘Minelab needs to understand that its toxic behaviour will eventually result in people turning away from the brand.’ Certainly has for me. The XTterra Pro looks very interesting at its price, but I will not consider buying from an unethical company. JMO

  10. They are indeed. It will win them some brownie points with die-hard Minelab fans but for everyone else, this is just not a good look.

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