18th June 2024

Although it has yet to go on sale here in the UK, most people will know about Garrett’s new Ace Apex metal detector by now. It is the first new ‘Ace’ machine to appear for many years and also the first simultaneous multi-frequency machine ever made by Garrett. Read our article here for full details.

Up until recently, there were no videos of this new machine working on UK soil. There have been quite a few made in the USA but as all us, Brits know, soil conditions here are often very different to those encountered by our North American friends. So the question is, how does the Ace Apex perform here in the UK?

Digger Dawn (Dawn Chipchase) is probably the most famous user of Garrett machines in the UK at the moment. An amazing ambassador not just for the hobby as a whole but also for Garrett Metal Detectors. Her youtube channel currently has over 16,000 subscribers and her videos have racked up millions of views. So there probably isn’t anyone better to demonstrate the performance of the new Ace Apex and dispel any lingering doubts about how this machine would perform on UK soil.

Dawn is well known for her George III finds and she normally turns up at least a couple of cartwheel pennies on most digs, as well as the odd silver here and there of course. Up to now all of these have been found with her trusty Garrett AT Max. Would the new Ace Apex perform as well, if not better than it’s more expensive stablemate?

This video is Dawn’s first outing with the Ace Apex and it seems the magic is still there. More cartwheel pennies and a George 3rd Silver sixpence! Not bad for the first run with a completely new machine. It was also raining so not only did we see the machine perform well but we also saw the proof of its weatherproof credentials in action.

There will be a lot more from Digger Dawn and the Garrett Ace Apex over the coming weeks and months so do be sure to subscribe to her social media channels.

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