25th June 2024

It has been a long wait but it looks like we can finally see the light at the end of the Quest Scuba Tector Pro tunnel. 

First announced in 2019 the Scuba Tector Pro replaces the existing and very popular Scuba Tector and adds a few noteworthy innovations along the way. 

The original Scuba Tector was and still is a very good underwater detector. It was a great design, very portable, has a built-in rechargeable battery, a flashlight and can go to depths of up to 60 meters. So how do you improve on that?

The new Scuba Tector Pro has a larger elongated search coil which is the same width as the original. But the important part is that the coil can now be folded back under the handle. So, more search area covered with each sweep but portability is improved. 

Depth rating remains the same at 60 meters but this is more than enough for most.

Dual Use

Not only is the Scuba Tector Pro more portable than it’s predecessor but it is also a dual-use machine. It has an extending handle to whish a longer stem can be fitted. This means you can also use this machine on the beach as well as underwater. Making for possibly the ultimate holiday detector? Easily pack it in a bag for a trip to sunny climes and be able to search the sand as well as the water. 


Unique Tilt Mechanism


One of the other clever innovations in the Scuba Tector Pro is the tilt mechanism for the coil. This means you can not only adjust for searching at any angle but it allows the coil to fully fold back on the handle making for an extremely compact machine. Folded the Scuba Tector Pro measures just 21.25cm. So definitely no problem packing it in a suitcase or backpack. 

Interchangeable Coils?

We are not sure about this one but it was mentioned at some point that there may be other coils for the Scuba Tector Pro. 

It doesn’t look like any of the existing Quest coils would fit so perhaps a range of coils specifically for this machine may be developed in the future. It would certainly make for an incredibly versatile machine if that were the case. 

Availability & Pricing

We know the Scuba Tector Pro is currently in production so the following are estimates but, each production run takes approx one month. Delivery to distributors will take around 3 weeks. So from the time this article was published, early July 2020, that “should” see the machines in dealers sometime in September. 

As for pricing, we know that production costs are higher than the original Scuba Tector and of course, a retail price has not yet been announced but, our guess is that the Scuba Tector Pro will probably retail around €249.00. Again it should be remembered that this is an estimate, not a fixed cost. Prices will be announced by dealers in due course. But given its dual-use nature, I would say this is a pretty good deal.

For more information about Quest products please visit https://www.questmetaldetectors.com/ or contact your local dealer.

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