25th June 2024
Garrett Apex

It has seemingly been a very long time since we saw a new metal detector from Garrett. The Ace series is great and has introduced tens of thousands to this wonderful hobby of treasure hunting. However, it has been around a long time and metal detecting tech has moved on. Time for something completely new from the worlds best-known metal detecting brand.

Enter the ‘Garret Apex’. A completely new detector designed and built from the ground up. Incorporating the latest technology it is shaping up to be some real competition for the likes of Nokta Makro, Quest and Minelab. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about the new ‘Garrett Apex’ other than its name, that it is lightweight and the teaser clue in the official video below that “you don’t need batteries” which of course leads us to believe that Garrett has moved to an internal rechargeable battery.

In these days of being conscious of how much waste we produce an internal rechargeable battery is a very good thing indeed. Buying endless packs of AA batteries has to be something that eventually comes to an end. It also brings Garrett into line with the new Quest Q series and the Nokta Makro Simplex+

This video doesn’t tell us much. The big reveal will be on May 15th. Make sure you stay tuned to Garrett’s social media pages for more info.


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2 thoughts on “The New Garrett Apex – No Batteries Needed!

  1. In what way has the Ace Apex come up short Nick? And also the Vanquish?

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