18th June 2024
Minelab Vanquish intro

I have been using both the Vanquish 440 and 340 ever since they first shipped to the UK and have to say I have been very impressed with what Minelab has achieved. As a user of the Equinox 600, I was already familiar with ‘Multi-IQ’ so expectations were high. Vanquish did not disappoint. I don’t think you will find a very machine for the money, especially if your main detecting is on the beach. Nothing handles wet sand and high mineralization like ‘Multi-IQ’.

The 340 is the entry to the range and does have limited features but perhaps that is all you need. Turn it on and start detecting! It punches just as deep as the 440 and 540 but lacks a pinpoint function and the adjustments to sensitivity, discrimination, and volume are somewhat limited.

The Vanquish 440 gives you a lot more flexibility and comes with coil and control box cover…these are extra on the 340. You also get finer control over sensitivity, discrimination, and volume. Plus it has a pinpoint function.

The 540 ads APTX Low Latency Bluetooth for wireless headphones, and extra adjustment on the iron bias so you can select between high and low. Iron bias is fixed at high on the 340 and 440. The display also has a red backlight. The 540 comes fitted with a V12 12″ coil whereas the 340 and 440 come with a V10 10″ coil.

There is also a 540 Pro pack which ads Bluetooth headphones and an extra V8 8″ coil.

The V8, V10 and V12 coils are now available to purchase separately as is the control box cover and the coil cover.

Vanquish 340 – £229.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 340 Prices Here

Vanquish 440 – £299.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 440 Prices Here

Vanquish 540 – £399.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 540 Prices Here

Vanquish 540 Pro Pack – £499.00 Check Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack Prices Here

Check out the Vanquish range at https://crawfordsmd.com

Interested in the Vanquish? Why not head over to the Minelab Vanquish UK Users Group and share your thoughts.

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