18th June 2024
Minelab Vanquish

It has certainly been a busy time for new entry level metal detectors recently. First we had the Quest X5 and X10 both coming in well under £200 and yet sporting rainproof control boxes, rechargeable batteries, built in flashlight and lightweight construction that means you could swing them all day without fatigue.

Next up we have the Nokta Simplex Plus which is already on pre-order and due to land before the end of August. An incredibly specced detector. Fully waterproof and submersible to 3 meters, notch discrimination, wireless audio, 4 x search modes incl beach, rechargeable battery, retractable shaft, backlit panel, backlit display and the cost? an incredible £299!. Sure to be a big seller.

And then somewhere off in the distance with no release date yet other than a rather vague “2019” we have the much anticipated Minelab Vanquish. Minelab Vanquish

So what do we know about Minelab’s new attack on the entry level detector market?

One thing is for sure is it won’t break the bank. This new detector is very squarely aimed at the territory currently occupied and some may say dominated by the Garrett Ace 300i/400i. In fact from the few scant images we have seen of the Vanquish it also looks pretty similar apart from the colour which of course is Minelab’s trademark red.

The big news and what may set Vanquish apart from any other detector at this price point is it might just be multi-frequency. That would be a real game changer, especially if Minelab went with their Multi-IQ software as used in the very popular Equinox. This would allow multiple frequencies to be used at the same time. Or not quite as exciting they could make use of the Vflex tech that is currently in the X-Terra series and that Vanquish will replace.

Vflex is simply a way of allowing you to select a different frequency which in the case of say the X-Terra 305 meant you could choose between 7kHz and 18.75kHz however the catch and most frustrating part from a users standpoint was that you had to fit a different coil for each frequency. Hopefully if they do use Vflex for the Vanquish it will have been modified so you can use different frequencies with the same coil…but then they may as well use Multi-IQ. There is a clue to this later on so keep reading!

What else can we expect? 

Vanquish needs to be at least weather proof. The X-Terra series were not and you needed covers for the control box.

It should have multiple programs including a beach mode and from the teaser videos released so far it would appear that this is the case as a beach is featured.

DD Coil, again we see one in the video so this is pretty much certain.

Telescopic stem. From the video it appears to have one with friction style locking and it looks quite sturdy. It also looks like the handle is adjustable too.

So we have:

  1. Weather proof/Fully waterproof control housing. Submersible?
  2. At least 4 preset programs incl a beach mode.
  3. Multi Frequency VFLEX/Multi IQ?
  4. DD Coil…possibly 11″?
  5. Telescopic fully adjustable stem and handle.


We can be pretty sure about the waterproofing and I would say it is probably completely submersible. We can also be sure about the program modes given the different images used in the teaser videos. Also the DD coil appears in the videos so that’s a certainty although the size is up for debate. And the telescopic stem and adjustable handle are also seen in the video so we will say that is a definite.

The only real question mark hangs over the tech used. Is this really going to be a multi-frequency detector? One clue is at 2:29 in the second video. Toward the end of the video when the Vanquish splash screen comes up we see the Multi-IQ symbol. This does not appear on any other Minelab videos apart from the Equinox and even then not in the same form as this particular logo. We will have to wait to find out!

Vanquish Multi Frequency
Perhaps a hint at what is to come?

Interested in the Vanquish? Why not head over to the Minelab Vanquish UK Users Group and share your thoughts.



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3 thoughts on “Minelab Vanquish – Multi Frequency For The Masses?

  1. If it turns out to be what we think it will be then yes it will definitely be on many peoples “must have” list! It will need to be multi frequency though. If not then most people will probably buy the Nokta Simplex.

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