18th June 2024
Graeme Stokes

Children’s nurse Graeme Stokes is organising a metal detecting rally to raise funds and awareness for the homeless in Sussex.

The inspiration for the event came from an incident near Brighton beach earlier this year. Graham had been searching an area of the beach near to where a Sussex Homeless Support Bus was parked. The bus caught fire and almost everything was lost in the blaze including a gold ring belonging to a homeless man. The ring had been given to the man by his late mother.

Graeme was asked if he could try to locate the ring but unfortunately he was unable to find it. However the experience made him determined to help the homeless in whatever way he could.

He said: Ever since that moment, I now walk down the street and feel more of an urge to help the homeless.

It’s 2019, no one should be on the streets and in those conditions. I have been into the hobby for a few years new, mainly as a stress relief from work.

It’s amazing just being out in the countryside, in the fresh air. And I just thought it would be a good way to get a bit of support for them.

I have had a good response so far and the event will be sponsored by Leisure Promotions, a metal detecting company, who will be lending their detectors.

Some of the homeless people are hopefully going to come along as well and have a go.

Graeme has managed to find a piece of land near Turners Hill, Crawley, for the rally which will take place on July 13th. The exact location will be revealed nearer the time as this is a new permission that has not yet been searched and Graeme wants to preserve it for those taking part in the rally. At least 100 detectorists so far are expected to attend. If you are interested in attending please contact Graeme at sussexdetect@gmail.com

The event is being sponsored by Leisure Promotions, suppliers of metal detectors and accessories from all the major manufacturers and also one of the main supporters of Detectival which takes place in Sept this year. Leisure Promotions will have loan detectors available for those who need one or are new to the hobby. Also attending will be specialist metal detector magazine Treasure Hunting with a stall and raffle prizes that have been donated to help raise money at the event.

Graeme currently uses the XP ORX metal detector along with a XP Mi6 pinpointer. Graeme says of the ORX:

it’s a mid range detector that suits all my needs whether it be on the beach, pasture or ploughed land. I chose it as it is the little brother to the hobby renowned XP Deus of which one day I’ll upgrade to however for now the ORX is fantastic. I’m using the high frequency coil and it is a game changer. As for the detecting pinpointer I use it is also XP, the Mi6, which when I turn it on links automatically to my wireless headphones so no problem in hearing it and it is excellent at locating the target in the hole.

Graeme has found a fair few treasures in his time since taking up the hobby.

Some of the highlights have been 500 silver coins along with some nobles – gold coins from medieval times.

Other finds were a few Roman brooches found in Halland, north of Lewes, and a lynch pin from an iron age chariot.

If landowners would like to uncover the history of their land they can contact Graeme at sussexdetect@gmail.com

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